Every task is very different in nature and requires a focused approach. We have a certain workflow that we made to fit all the work we do, this is our 6-step process. Although at times it may have more than six steps, in some cases we tend to see these 6 as essential steps to a successful project.


Before starting anything, it’s not only important but, everything really depends on knowing as much as you can know about what you’re getting yourself into. Research is always our first step for any type of project, and we never want to start without it. In fact, we will refuse to even talk about payment before understanding the work


Good research should lead to some interesting finds that may change what the initial project was, and that discovery is what we will need to go on with the work to be done.



Content can mean different things in different contexts. When we talk about content we mean text, photos, videos, and audio. This is content that tells a story, sells a product, or just teaches you something.


Content in its raw form can have different meanings, and in some cases no meaning at all when it’s not formed right. When you put the right content shapes and colors and fonts together, you can create so much meaning that it moves people to actions that can change the way people act.

Development/ Production

We are a creative studio so when it comes to creating products that mean coding, filming, photography, and everything it takes to make a complete website.


Making things work as expected and better.