5 reasons why: you still need a website in 2022.

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I wanted to write a blog about this topic for a while, but after the Facebook blackout in 2021, I realized the importance. There is so much confusion about whether companies need websites or not. The short answer is: they do. In this post and the video linked in this post, I will explain exactly why you need a website.

Let’s get into it.

#1 Social media platforms are not yours.

As you create content for your company, you will need to put it somewhere. Today, there are so many options for where to put your content. The first thing that comes to most people’s minds is Facebook.

Before you choose a platform, understand that you don’t own these platforms. The rules of what you may and may not post, can change at any given time. Because of that companies and people can lose their ability to post content on their pages. This may be because they posted something that against the rules of the platform.

The thing is that these rules change all the time. This is why having a website can give you a place to have the freedom to post whatever you want to talk about. If social media platforms for some reason stop working, you still can keep doing what you have been doing

#2 Social media is a gateway to your company, not your company

Social media is a gateway to your company. Social media is like a networking event that never stops. Everyone keeps talking and posting. What makes a networking event effective is getting in touch with people after the event. That’s the goal of social media marketing, to bring potential clients to your business.

#3 A website is your online presence

A website is a way to create an exact digital representation of your company. People experience the emotions and excitement they would have in real life when it comes to your website.

#4 Your branding is unique.

Every company has a unique way of doing things and a platform and a way that they have laid out for things to be done.

#5 Protect your clients from the noise

Social media has a lot of noise. Everyone has an opinion, and it’s so diverse that most people forget the reason they logged on. Because of this reason, we must tell people why they should care and take them away from the noise as soon as they know.

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